End Of Days…


We are indeed in the Last Days, the Gentile Age is starting to draw to a close. Are…You…Ready?

Most People would answer, NO, they have loose ends to tie up, they have things they still want to do, They…have their own Agenda, Their Own Will To Do, before that Great, and yet Terrible Day of the Lord Jesus comes, they would say…not yet!

Today is the Best Day of Your Life! Ask Jesus to come into your life, say, Yes Lord Jesus! He waits on you, He will not force you, nor will He plea with you. You, have to come to the point that you see that their is a God, and that He Loves You so much, that He, the Father, gave His only Begotten Son, Jesus, to come and Die in your place, to receive the punishment that you deserve and even went to Hell, ALL For You,  that you might be saved, that you can have Eternal Life with Him, just confess you are a sinner, that Jesus is Lord and to SAVE YOU!!! You will be Saved!

Amen and Amen!!!

Be Blessed Of The Lord!!!

Do you know Jesus?

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